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FREE SPEECH 66: The Values of the University, with Robert Quinn of Scholars at Risk

 Free speech and academic freedom are the lifeblood of universities, but in isolation these principles can lead to deadlocked situations due to conflicting values. Robert Quinn, Director of the international NGO and network Scholars at Risk which advocates for academic freedom and assists scholars persecuted for their views, offers a values frame that touches on five core principles for universities. Academic freedom, equitable access, accountability, autonomy and social responsibility must work together to make the university distinct from 'the street.' Universities are revolutionary projects, Rob explains, because they sanction a space in society for genuine questioning and critique of the status quo with the goal of better outcomes. Scholars at Risk advocates for, monitors and defends academic freedom around the world -- and hopes to shift situations from death sentences, attacks, assassinations, harassment and lawsuits to a productive conversation of the value of free thought.

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