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Learn About Free Speech and Great Books

Think About It

hosted by Ulrich Baer

dedicated to in-depth conversations about powerful ideas and transformative books. Some of the Great Books episodes also available on YouTube as video conversations. Take a look!

Constructive conversations. Difficult dialogues. Honest exchanges. Informed opinions.

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Free Speech Episodes.

The first season is focused on free speech and related topics; these conversations with some of the country’s greatest legal minds, philosophers, sociologists, authors and students will continue.

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Great Books Episodes.

Informed, smart, and entertaining conversations about books that transform the world.

The Great Books series pairs interesting thinkers with some of the tradition’s greatest books to show how those books shift our perception of the world and provide new paradigms that offer a way out of our current dilemmas. It’s neither sparknotes, nor wikipedia, nor English 101. It’s a serious yet entertaining conversation about the best books in the world.

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Affirmative Action Episodes.