NEll durfee

Nell Durfee is a writer, editor, and educator, with work appearing in Scientific American, Popular Science, and Scholastic magazines, among others. She currently teaches at the New-York Historical Society. 

She can be reached at: nell.jod@gmail.com


joshua arrayales

Joshua Arrayales is our social media manager and in charge of getting the word out. He is a student at NYU studying public policy and philosophy.

He can be reached at: vaa292@nyu.edu.


Misha vaid

Misha is a rising junior, majoring in Media Culture & Communications, with a double minor in Business of Entertainment, Media & Technology and Journalism. When she is not reciting her mouthful of a college degree to people, she enjoys spending an unhealthy amount of time on YouTube. Born and raised in Mumbai, Misha loves to write.

She can be reached at: mv1585@nyu.edu